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Always keeping current in an ever-changing web development and technology landscape.
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The key to the success of their sites is treating design and technology as equally creative activities.

CleverDesign is an award-winning website design, logo design and graphic design firm with a reputation for delivering visually-intelligent, technologically-sound web sites and dynamically-designed logo and marketing solutions on time and on budget.

CleverDesign is constantly seeking new techniques and technologies to accomplish work better and faster for its clients. Our most recent work centers around creating "responsive" websites that work on iPhones, Droids, iPads, tablets, laptops and desktops from a single codebase.

The firm has won many design awards, but takes most pride in the continuing commitment from clients. Some have been with the firm more than twenty-five years.

Founded in 1980 by it's president, Ellen Woliner, the firm's clients range in size from multi-national corporations to start-ups. Todd Rhoda came aboard in 1990 and is Managing Partner. Todd is the day-to-day contact on all projects. CleverDesign boasts one of the most accomplished portfolios and strongest clientele and has designed for every business category including: financial, private equity, investment banking, hedge fund, alternative investment, asset management, energy, cosmetic/fragrance, real estate, insurance and logistics sectors.

  • websites
  • intranets
  • extranets
  • logos
  • PowerPoint templates
  • pitch books
  • investor log-in sites
  • annual meeting invitations
  • holiday eCards
  • identity systems
  • trade show signage systems
  • advertising
  • holiday eCards
  • identity systems
  • trade show signage systems
  • advertising
Who We Are

CleverDesign is one of top web design, logo design and graphic design firms in New York City. We develop websites and logos for the private equity, investment banking, hedge, and energy sectors.

What We Do

Our websites are mobile-friendly. We have a proven process from concept to programming to launch.

Why We're Unique

Principal as your day-to-day contact. We've been in business over 35 years. We build in a customized content management system so you can do changes without knowing code.


130 West 56th Street, PH
New York, NY 10019
Contact Todd Rhoda at todd@cleverdesign.com