The Nickname "CleverDesign"

Our true name is "CorchiaWolinerRhoda," but a long time ago, everyone started calling us "CleverDesign" or, just "Clever." Here's how it started.

The Nickname CleverDesign

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, “It says ‘cleverdesign.com’ on your email and everyone knows you as ‘Clever Design,’ but you answer the phone ‘CorchiaWolinerRhoda.’ Who are “Corchia” and “Woliner” and “Rhoda.”

Our official name is “CorchiaWolinerRhoda.” Which stands for original owner Al Corchia, Ellen Woliner, who took over the firm after Al’s passing in 1980 and Todd Rhoda, who came aboard in 1990. In the nascent stages of the internet, we were talking with a start-up called Network Solutions (yes, that Network Solutions) about what our URL for our website should be. We knew that CorchiaWolinerRhoda couldn’t be remembered or spelled, so we told them, “We do clever design here, how’s that?”

And boom, the name stuck . . .

Who We Are

CleverDesign is one of top web design, logo design and graphic design firms in New York City. We do best of breed websites and logos for the private equity, investment banking, hedge, and energy sectors.

What We Do

Our websites are mobile-friendly. We have a proven process from concept to programming to launch.

Why We're Unique

Principal as your day-to-day contact. We build in a customized content management system so you can do changes without knowing code.


130 West 56th Street, PH
New York, NY 10019
Contact Todd Rhoda at todd@cleverdesign.com